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How to become a member, adopt a trail, donate or come onboard as a sponsor. 

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Dirt Art Narooma Mountin Bike trails



There is always something we need or something that needs to be done. With your support, you back our efforts to protect and maintain the trails in the Narooma Trail network through education and action. We developed a trail network that provides challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.


By adopting a trail you help assist us with the costs involved in purchasing tools, servicing equipment, fuels for power equipment and upgrades to trails. Also fees for the network. At the moment all labour is volunteer and the club holds regular trail days. We welcome all volunteers even if you are not a active mountain bike rider.

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Sunbird Photography Narooma MTB Sarah on bridge

Riding or Social Members

This helps by giving us strengths in numbers. It is always easier to talk to any funding agency or government department when you can prove we have grown our club membership. You can be a riding member or a social member who helps out on trail days.

To be a member of Narooma Mountain Bike Club, you must have a current membership with AusCycling. AusCycling is the National Organisation overseeing our club. Please see the AusCycling website.

The Club Fee component of the membership cost is still only $10.00 (Jan 2022); the AusCycling cost varies depending on the options you choose. Joining NMBC is easy, simply use the online system provided by AusCycling. Make sure to select NMBC as your club.

If all this sounds a bit confusing, simply come along to one of our events and we can assist you to join on the day, or contact us.

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Dharco Narooma Mountain Bike trails Eduardo Knoch


Click the Donation button or scan a QR code located on each trail head. You can donate whatever you are comfortable with. I know you think it’s not worth donating $3 (or whatever) but honestly $3 helps buy fuel for our leaf blower or chainsaw. So we welcome any donation.

Credit Dharco Eduardo Knoch

Adopt a Trail

Adopt a Trail
Narooma MTB building trails and maintainence

Adopt a trail and help maintain our trail network

Individuals, businesses and companies can be involved directly with the maintenance of the trail network in Narooma. We work out these costs at one dollar per meter of trail length.

For your money, you know we are maintaining the trails to a standard that is safe and appreciated by MTB riders. Which is what our network is all about. Many of the positive comments we receive from MTB tourists on how well our trails are maintained.

This is your chance to connect your company name to trails in the mountain biking world. Besides the obvious benefits of connecting with the growing community of trail users, you will also:

  • Support the building and maintenance of trails to be enjoyed now and in the future

  • Give back to the community we live and work in

  • Receive recognition on signage at the trailhead on your trail for the calendar year

  • Gain exposure through our social media channels and events

  • Use our logo to showcase your positive impact and community involvement

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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Dirt Art Narooma Mountin Bike trails


If you would like to come on board as a sponsor of Narooma Mountain Bike Club, we offer 4 levels of sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Levels

Narooma MTB trail towns


The Ruby Level Sponsorship

The premier sponsorship package for the ultimate trail. Ruby was an English Staffy who loved being out on the trails. She loved nothing more than running flat out behind or alongside a bike. She was our first trail dog and loyal and loving, which is how we think of our “Ruby” level sponsors.

We work with you to ensure your business/organisation is supporting a project that aligns with your vision and objectives. Large scale contributions include: significant trail improvement projects and trail major projects. As a Ruby Sponsor you also receive two club Memberships, a Trail Supporter decal and recognition of your support on our website and social media.

Credit Trail Towns

Narooma MTB Dharco Eduardo Knoch


The Baxter Level Sponsorship

An incredibly impactful way to support the NMBC, Baxter level sponsorship is recognised as a significant contribution. Baxter was the second official club trail dog. Known for being not the normal dog, but still being very special in his own way is how we associate him with our “Baxter’ level sponsors. This level helps fund trail initiatives, and many of them help us move around the dirt to build our trails.


As a Baxter level sponsor, you also receive one club Memberships and recognition of your support on our website and social media.

Credit Dharco Eduardo Knoch

Narooma MTB Dharco Wilderness Zone Eduardo Knoch


The Rocky Level Sponsorship

Still an impactful way to support the Narooma Mountain Bike Club, Rocky level sponsorship is recognised as a significant contribution. Rocky was the third official club trail dog. Known as the happy big dog, he still loves to run on the trails.


As a Rocky level sponsor, you receive recognition of your support on our website and social media, also trail signage.

Credit Dharco Eduardo Knoch

Narooma MTB trail towns


The Charlie Rat Dog Level Sponsorship

Welcome to the Rat Dog sponsor level. Charlie (the Rat Dog) is the fourth official trail dog and the fastest. When you meet the Rat Dog, it’s like a Tasmanian Devil at full speed. She still gives the love, which we will still give to our Rat Dog sponsors.


As a Rat Dog level sponsor, you receive recognition of your support on our website and social media.

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